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Welcome to the Rebirth of the Night Wiki!


This is a community-made wiki, and serves as a repository of information and guide for the Minecraft modpack Rebirth of the Night.

This wiki is still a WIP. We're moving over from the Fandom platform. We appreciate all help and edits!

Important Topics

About Rebirth of the Night

Do you remember playing what playing Minecraft for the first time felt like? The caves were unnerving, the monsters were dangerous, the nights were unpredictable and unforgiving... Most of all, everything was unknown and discovering something new felt exciting. There was so much to learn and experience; you never knew what was around that bend in a cave, what was on the other side of that portal, or what would await you down the hall of a stronghold. This modpack aims to bring danger, mystery, and excitement back to exploring and thriving in the world.

What Rebirth of the Night is: The design philosophy of our modpack is to create an experience where adventure, conquest, progression and survival are all intertwined. This pack is built upon the goal of keeping Minecraft close to the original concept of survival, while also completely re-imagining other gameplay mechanics. A recurring theme in this pack is that your actions have consequences: you are playing in a living, breathing world that will react to your actions. Mobs will mine and build to get to you, combat is greatly expanded upon, danger and dread are amplified, seasons change, and every world-changing event you cause has repercussions... Your skills in all aspects of gameplay will be tested, but in a way that supports many different play styles.

How we are different from other packs: Rebirth of the Night completely overhauls Minecraft and many mods both popular and obscure through the use of mods such as CraftTweaker and its addons, Set Bonus, Gamestages, InControl, and more. This pack is harder than vanilla, but in a way that scales with your progression rather than making things tedious and discouraging from the moment you start a new world. This means that all aspects of gameplay have increased difficulty, including crafting, mining, exploring, farming, and of course, survival. All of the mods we use interact with each other in a way that is unique to this pack.

Much of this modpack is inspired by several YouTube videos that critique Minecraft as a game or analyze how it could be improved. Those videos are organized in a playlist here - Rebirth of the Night is even mentioned in one of them! (thanks WhiteLight!) We highly suggest watching the first two videos if you're interested in why we add certain features.



Modpack Updates

You can view the pack's changelog here!

Technical Support

Please read over the following if you're having technical difficulties.

If the above doesn't help, feel free to join our Discord and ask there!

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