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Advancements - Rebirth of the Night[edit]

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Advancements - Journey of a Spelunker[edit]

Not quite Iron[edit]

Mine tin ore

Flimsy but plentiful[edit]

Mine copper ore

Bronze Age[edit]

Obtain Bronze. To do this, combine three copper and one tin ingot in a crafting grit. Crush the resulting ingots into pebbles on a granite anvil using a sledgehammer. Smelt the pebbles in a kiln by placing them in the upper half, putting some fuel in the lower half and igniting it.

We can enchant![edit]

Mine lapis ore

Useful when powered[edit]

Mine redstone ore

The Golden Age[edit]

Mine gold ore

The most versatile Ore[edit]

Mine iron ore


Mine quartz ore (found in the nether)

Frozen Ignitor[edit]

Mine rime ore

Beauty from Hell[edit]

Mine cincinnasite ore

Taking back whats yours[edit]

Mine amethyst ore

An Ocean Inside[edit]

Mine sapphire ore

Ravaging Ruby[edit]

Mine ruby ore

A lucky Find[edit]

Mine alexandrite ore


Mine silver ore


Obtain crude steel


Mine diamond ore

Soul Imbued Steel[edit]

Craft soulforged steel

Light and Powerful[edit]

Mine viridium ore

Mystical Power[edit]

Mine mythril ore

Heart Broken[edit]

Mine heart crystal ore

Unimaginable Strenght[edit]

Mine onyx ore

Through Fire and Flames[edit]

Obtain fire dragonsteel

Inside the Winter Storm[edit]

Obtain ice dragonsteel

Advancements - Perfectly Ready[edit]

The Hunter[edit]

Complete a Leather Armor Set

Farmer Life[edit]

Obtain Leather Pants and a Farmers Hat, which is made out out a hay bale and three wheat

The Mighty Hunter[edit]

Complete the tanned Leather Set and obtain a silver Axe

The Apex Hunter[edit]

Complete the Hardened Leather Set and ?

Chivalry is not dead[edit]

Complete the Chainmail set

Not Entirely Useless[edit]

Complete the Gold Armor Set

Cover me with Blood[edit]

Pretty in Pink[edit]

The Deep Blue Sea[edit]

Going Green[edit]

Colorful Power[edit]

Power Couple[edit]

Heavy Steps[edit]

A Worthy Compromise[edit]


Taking Aim[edit]

Part of the Bone Gang[edit]

Walking Fortress[edit]

Death is Not an Option[edit]

Death is Non-Existent[edit]

Ancient Warfare[edit]

Complete the Bronze Armor Set

Powerful Punches[edit]

Get two Studded Caestus in addition to the Bronze Armor Set


The Iron Giant[edit]

Complete the Iron Armor Set

Attac and Protecc[edit]

Obtain an Iron Sword and an Iron Plated Shield

Hit Em Hard And Fast[edit]

Knight in Shining Armor[edit]

Complete the Silver Armor Set

Cover Me with Diamonds[edit]

Complete the Diamond Armor Set

A Fire Combo[edit]

Armor of the Titans[edit]

A Myth No More[edit]

I Am Speed[edit]

Magical Magnet[edit]

Flames of Pride[edit]

Glacial Fortitude[edit]

Ebb and Flow[edit]

Ultimate Tank[edit]

Darkness consumes All[edit]

Embrace the Pain[edit]

A Hell of a Duo[edit]

There will be Light[edit]

The Righteous Flame[edit]


Blue Magician[edit]



Fortune And Glory[edit]

Leather Pants and Shoes, a Backpack and an Archealogists Hat



Dedicated Worker[edit]




Apocalypse Now[edit]

From The Ashes[edit]

Neptunes Gift[edit]


Harbinger of Ruin[edit]

Legendary Forger[edit]

Complete all other Perfectly Ready Advancements

Advancements - Beyond These Lands[edit]

We Must Go Deeper[edit]

Enter the Nether. To do this, create a Portal out of Obsidian that is at least 3x4 Blocks wide and light it on fire.

A Heavenly Realm[edit]

Enter the Aether. To do this, create a portal out of Glowstone and activate it by using a bucket of water.

Where The Lost Tread[edit]

Enter The Beneath. To get there, mine past the Barrier underneath the Overworld.

The End?[edit]

Enter the End

The True Final Frontier[edit]

Enter the Twilight Forest

Advancements - Storage[edit]

Wooden Chest[edit]

Craft a Wooden Chest


Craft a Shelf


Craft a Cabinet


Craft a Stash

Not For Ashes[edit]

Craft a Pot

Rustic Barrel[edit]

Craft a barrel

Small Barrel[edit]

Craft a small barrel

Storage From Hell[edit]

Craft a Nether Chest

Radiant Chest[edit]

Craft a Radiant Chest

Radiant Trove[edit]

Craft a Radiant Trove


Craft a Backpack

Storage in the Cloud[edit]

Craft a Ender Chest

Shulker Box[edit]

Craft a Shulker Box

A Bag in a Bag[edit]

Craft a Bag of Hoarding

Liquid Barrel[edit]

Craft a liquid Barrel

Stone Tank[edit]

Craft a Stone Tank

Refractory Tank[edit]

Craft a Refractory Tank

Radiant Tank[edit]

Craft a Radiant Tank

Your first upgrade![edit]

Craft a Matrix brace

Trove upgrade #2[edit]

Craft a Material Interface

Tank Upgrade #2[edit]

Craft a Containment Field

Even More Room?![edit]

Craft a block of quartz

Advancements - So many ways to die[edit]

Anything you can do, i can do better[edit]

Die to a zombie player

Aww Man[edit]

Die by a creeper one time

Hot Stuff[edit]

Die from fire


Die by Dragon fire

Advancements - Bane of Humanity[edit]


Broken Vanguard[edit]

One-Eyed Monster[edit]

Kill a Cyclop. Their caves spawn naturally in the world.

Maybe shes born with it[edit]

Kill a siren. They spawn on rocks in the water and can lure the player to them.

Call me Ishmael[edit]

Kill a Sea Serpent


Praise the Sun![edit]

Stone Cold[edit]

Sticky Situation[edit]

Piping Hot[edit]

Kill a Rat Charmer and his rats.

Getting Antsy[edit]

Its... Afraid![edit]

The Black Death[edit]


Soul Catch and Release[edit]

End of an Age[edit]

Queen of the Nether[edit]

Fire Made Flesh[edit]

Advancements - Arcane Archives[edit]

Arcane Archives[edit]


Tome of Arcana[edit]

Crystal Feeling[edit]

Advancements - Better With Mods[edit]

Advancements - Base Defense[edit]

Advancements - Relics[edit]

Advancements - Journey of the Scholar[edit]