Barakoa & Barakoana

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Native to the savanna, the Barakoa tribesmen travel in small hunting packs. They are one with the masks on their heads, which cannot be removed. Some use bones as clubs as weapons while others use poisoned blowdarts. Each hunting pack is led by a Barakoana elite, wielding a traditional spear and shield. The Barakoa make traversing the savanna quite dangerous, as they can surround their prey quickly and put up a good chase. When defeated, the Barakoa will sometimes drop their masks as items that the player can wear. Each mask bestows a different, small buff. Barakoa can also be found in villages scattered across the savanna plain.


Barakoas spawn wearing either a Mask of Fear, a Mask of Rage, a Mask of Blissor a Mask of Misery, alongside either a Bone or a Blowgun. When attacking a target, they will attempt to circle it at a distance, occasionally closing in to attack once if wielding a Bone, or blowing a Dart at their target if wielding a Blowgun. On death they have a chance of dropping the mask they are wearing.

All Barakoas attack players on sight, unless they are wearing any of the Barakoa masks. Barakoas spawned with a Barakoana follow it and attack nearby Cows, Pigs, Sheeps, Chickens and Zombies. Barakoas spawned in Barakoa Villages never despawn, attack nearby Zombies and Skeletons and offer trades to players wearing Barakoa masks.


It acts identically to Barakoas, but wears a Mask of Fury and wields a Spear and a shield, which it uses to negate attacks from its front when not attacking itself. It attacks nearby players not wearing a Barakoa mask, as well as Cows, Pigs, Sheeps, Chickens, Zombies and Skeletons. Any Barakoas in its pack follows it in a circle formation, with the Barakoana in the center, and will attack anything that the Barakoana targets.

When killed, it sometimes drops its Mask of Fury and its pack disbands.


The Barako, or Sun Chief, is the leader of the Barakoas. When shot, he has a 30% chance to explode the player. If you wear a Barakoa mask while approaching him, you can trade him 4 gold blocks to unlock the sun's blessing, a powerful buff. This buff can be periodically refreshed by returning to and interacting with the sun chief you bribed.

Barakoa's Trades[edit]

Trade Offer

9 Gold Nuggets

1 Blowgun

20 Cocoa Beans

8 Darts

9 Gold Nuggets

1 Spear

1 Gold Ingot

1 Spear

3 Gold Nuggets

2 Painted Acacia Wood

16 Cocoa Beans

1 Painted Acacia Wood

1 Gold Nugget

1 Cooked Chicken

10 Cocoa Beans

2 Cooked Chickens

2 Gold Nuggets

1 Cooked Porkchop

14 Cocoa Beans

2 Cooked Porkchops

3 Melons

5 Gold Nuggets

1 Raw Chicken

3 Gold Nuggets

1 Iron Sword

1 Gold Ingot

1 Iron Helmet

4 Gold Ingot

1 Stone Sword

7 Gold Nuggets