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Bears are Neutral/Hostile mobs that spawn in forests and colder regions of the Overworld. Their looming size, high health, and devastating melee attacks makes them beasts not to be trifled with, though they do have decent drops.


They spawn only on world generation, and will not respawn naturally. Bears can spawn in several areas with varying frequency. Areas where they spawn somewhat are in Groves, Meadows, and forests of all sorts. Areas where they spawn in high quantity is in the Umbral Forest and Shield biomes. They have 50 HP and high attack damage, but are otherwise normal beasts. They can come in various colors, such as brown, black, and beige.



Bears will not immediately seek out players to kill, and prefer to be kept alone. Getting too close to a bear will cause it to roar: not leaving the premises will then make it aggressive. Alternatively, it will immediately become hostile upon being attacked, ranged or melee. Since bears are solitary,


Bears will first try to close the distance by running rapidly towards the player. They are also known to strafe side to side to make them harder to shoot at. While quick on land, they are relatively slow in water, so shooting them from across a river is safest. Once they have reached their target, they will stand up and try to attack at melee range - if this connects, the target it pressed into the ground, the bear now above them. At this point the bear will begin to tear its prey apart, dealing massive damage and killing the player in seconds. One can still attack the bear in this position.


Upon death, bears drop 3-9 Raw Venison (each piece a hearty meal when cooked), 1-2 bear fur (of respective color), and rarely a head to mount as a trophy.


- Guards will attack bears and can seem to handle them somewhat well: therefore, guiding hostile bears towards guards is not a bad plan for early-game food.