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Beds in RotN serve the same function as in Vanilla but their place in progression has been pushed to the mid-game in order to make the night relevant again. Not only that, sleeping has negative effects that players should take into account

Bed-crafting process[edit]


Changes to sleeping[edit]

Unlike in Vanilla, the night in RotN is quite a relevant time of a full day, as such, the first disadvantage of sleeping through it is losing precious time to enchant, cook, craft, and prepare for incoming invasions.

Other than abstract disadvantages, sleeping consumes almost a full bar of hunger, so players should fill their hunger bars beforehand, lest they wake up on the brink of starvation.

Research Notes[edit]

"At some point in the past, I was able to enjoy the simple pleasure of resting; take hope in the need of sleeping. But as the horrors of this world slowly unraveled in front of me, I also unraveled, and eventually, I grew restless and unable to feel peace of mind. A strange curse, countless deaths have made me callous, and I can only hope for the best bedstead to carry me through the night; providing the slightest comfort, I worry next time might be the last I am able to close my eyes."

Unrelated Note[edit]

The members of the dev team who watch it take pride in their love for anime