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Rebirth of the Night uses the Pam's Harvestcraft mod for beekeeping.

Part 1: Bees[edit]

Natural beehives grow on trees pretty much everywhere. They're generally on the outer layer of the leaves and present on mostly oak trees. Breaking one (punching will do the trick) will drop a bee with some honey. Note that the bees found in blacksmith chests do not work. Likewise, the beehives that spawn on giant flowers are not what we're looking for - those are another beast entirely.

Part 2: The Apiary[edit]

As in the real world, a beekeeper must make a house for the bees. Before ROTN 3.0 Beta 6, you would need 3 item frames (the cheapest way to make them is with a total of 3 leather straps (1.5 leather cut up with shears) and 24 sticks) and 6 wood planks. The item frames which are placed vertically between the 6 wood planks. The recipe has changed now, being mostly wooden planks

Part 3: The Honeymaking[edit]

Unlike the real world, you will not need to insert wax into the apiary so the bees could either put eggs or honey there. Put the bee into the slot and wait. That's it. That is all there is to it. After a while, the bee pile will increase up to a stack of 64, which will quicken the rate at which honey is produced. Additionally, one can break apart the group to populate more hives, though one is usually enough honey for one man.