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The Bellows is an air blade, that when given mechanical power will contract and blow a gust of air in the direction it is facing. It will not retracted until the mechanical power is disabled, this can be done by sending a redstone signal to a Gearbox somewhere down the line. The gust of air created by the Bellows is able to stoke fire, though normal fire sources are not strong enough to not be blown out. To solve this, use a Hibachi.

Additonally, the Bellows is able to blow around items that are in front of it. Items of different weights will go different distances. * Very light items, such as Dusts, Feathers and Papers will go 4 blocks away from the bellows.

  • Medium weight items, such as Seeds, Hemp products and Ground Netherrack will go 3 blocks.
  • Heavy items (or items that are not known), will go 1 block.[1]