Block Harvestability

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Certain blocks may not be broken without the appropriate tool and even if they are, they may be way sturdier than what they were before.

Clicking the arrows will let you sort the column numerically then alphabetically. If you want to sort by multiple columns, hold down Shift when you sort your second column.

Block Hardness Tool Tool Level
Myrmex Resin - Shovel 1
Obsidian Brick 50 Pickaxe 3
Iron Plate 16 Pickaxe 1
Bronze Plate 20 Pickaxe 2
Electrum Plate 5 Pickaxe 0
Sturdy Cobblestone 20 Pickaxe 1
Steel Block 40 Pickaxe 2
Lunarin Style Steel Block 20 Pickaxe 2
Soul Forged Steel Block 100 Pickaxe 4
Soul Forged Steel Gearbox 20 Pickaxe 4
Soul Forged Steel Axle 18 Pickaxe 4
Lunarin Style Soul Forged Steel Block 20 Pickaxe 4
Onyx Block 100 Pickaxe 4
Onyx Ore 60 Pickaxe 4
Big Brick Tiles[Footnotes 1] 14* Pickaxe 0
Dragonsteel Blocks 100 Pickaxe 4
  1. Includes most Stone Bricks similar to Vanilla's. Metamorphic and Igneous variants are exponentially harder to break.