Bronze Ingot

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Bronze ingots are metal ingots used to craft a variety of items. Bronze is one of the first metal ingots that the early player has access to, as it does not require diving deep underground: surface copper & tin will do.


Making bronze is a multi-step process. First, one must smash copper and tin (or ingots) using a sledgehammer on a multi-purpose anvil in order to receive their respective dust variants. Then, in any crafting UI, one combines 1 Copper Dust with 3 Tin Dust to produce 4 Bronze Dust. Finally, we can take the Bronze Dust and smelt it in a brick or refractory kiln, giving us Bronze Ingots.


Place bronze dust into a kiln and power the kiln. It should take around 5 minutes and 20 seconds for the dust to smelt into ingots.


Bronze ingots are used in a multitude of ways, as follows:

Generic Metal[edit]

In addition to being classified as a generic metal ingot (for items like the Kettle and Fermentation Barrel), bronze can be used as a substitute in recipes that ask for iron in particular. One instance that comes to mind is the Flimsy Metal Bucket, a downgraded look-alike of the vanilla Iron Bucket.

Weapons & Armor[edit]

With Bronze Ingots, one can craft a set of weapons and armor that easily compares to that of iron equipment: see the set bonuses page for more information. It should be noted that bronze weapons are near identical to iron ones, save the slightly greater durability bronze boasts.