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Pit or Refractory Burning in ROTN is the process by which a material is heated to high temperatures without destroying it; this process also applies to pit and brick kilns. Since a fire can start if there's oxygen at high temperatures, burning requires that the block being burnt is completely surrounded by non-flammable blocks.

Pit Burning[edit]

Logs about to be pit burned. Dirt must be placed on top as soon as the log pile catches fire.
To start pit burning first dig a hole in the ground then place the ingredient inside, the pit can be bigger than 1 block but it will have to be completely filled with the ingredients and surrounded by blocks to work, make sure to cover everything except from one exposed spot where the ignition will be made. Use any valid igniter like Flint & Tinder or a Bow Drill to ignite the exposed ingredient then quickly cover it up like the rest of the pit. If smoke can be seen coming from below the covering blocks, the process is working; if any space was left open, the ingredients will catch fire and be consumed, so caution is advised.

Refractory Burning[edit]

Materials requiring higher temperatures must be encased in refractory blocks.
The most simple setup for refractory burning.

Burning Structure[edit]

Some materials yield additional resources from being burn without combusting such as Tar and Flowing Spirits that can be collected with Collectors and Drains. Refractory variants of these blocks are available for hot liquids. Below is a diagram showing the different parts of a full refractory burning structure. 

Refractory burning structure numeric.png

  1. Refractory structure must be built out of blocks that have the Valid for refractory structure tooltip
  2. The structure must be completely filled with the desired block to be burnt, otherwise it will just combust into fire
  3. Collectors can be placed as floor to collect liquids produced by the process such as Tar or Flowing Spirits
  4. A valid refractory door can be used but must be facing the inside of the structure in order to keep air pockets from being formed
  5. The Drain block along with a valid Faucet will pull liquid stored by collectors in a large area and deposit it into a container
  6. Any kind of tank or liquid pipe can then be used to transport or pick up the resulting liquid
  7. An igniter block may be added to start the burning process with the press of a button