Chef's Workstation

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The Chef's Workstation is like a crafting workstation for food, coming with not only some storage slots, but also a water tank and a specific slot for the cooking toolkit many recipes require. This workbench is necessary for a lot of proper meals, but with it you can create anything from drinks that boost your speed to feasts that max out your hunger AND saturation!


To make this workstation, you'll need 7 cobblestone and a Chef's Hat, which is made from wool and string. The hat itself is not used up in crafting, and so it can still be worn afterwards or used in other crafting recipes (mainly for the Chef Rat).


A wide variety of dishes and cooking ingredients can be made here, such as dough, ice cream, smoothies, etc.


While simple juice takes one fruit and some sugar (or honey) to make, mixing in a snowball can result in smoothies, which are more filling and use less water. Both of these options have the chance to increase speed for up to half a minute, so they're good for longer journeys, and are rather simple to make!


Not every meal is made here (others use the kettle), but there are plenty that use this workstation. One good example that comes to mind are jelly sandwiches, which use a fruit jam, combined with bread and a nutty spread. These sandwiches are a good way to make use of the nuts and fruits you may find on trees throughout your travels.


While several ingredients use cooking bowls and mortars, some of the most important items for proper cooking are made in this workstation. Dough for making anything from fruit pies to beef Wellington comes to mind, but items like salad dressing, mayo, and batter are also made here.


- A good tip: don't make dough for the purposes of baking bread, for you can just use flour instead, saving yourself the water and salt.
- You may sometimes find yourself with 1mb of water left in the tank; the pipette is useful for getting it out so you can refill the workstation's tank with a bucket of water again.