Cooking Cauldron

From Rebirth of the Night Wiki

The Cauldron is a bulk cooking device that can cook massive amounts of food and other crafting recipes. With this, you can toss massive amounts of foodstuffs into it at the start of a new day, go out and do digging work, and come back to most of your foodstuffs cooked.

It’s important to note that additional fires in a 3x3 underneth the cauldron will make it cook food and other recipes much faster than if you were to just use one flame! This also applies to when you have Stoked the Cauldron as well; The stoked flame of the Hibachi will apply it’s effects better if the entire 3x3 under it is filled with hot fire.

Lava will NOT work with the Cauldron. It simply lacks the ability to heat it up uniformly, and the radiated heat is much, much lower overall. Remember, the block directly underneth the Cauldron must be fire for it to function. If you need the cauldron on early, placing a log on it’s side with fire on it is enough to keep the cauldron going for a few items… Making a correct fire before you enter the nether, one that lasts long enough to do work with, requires experimentation and babysitting the fire.

You also do not need water for the recipes inside the cauldron; The bone and water bucket you used to craft it with (Unless the cauldron recipe has been changed in your modpack) is the “stock” your food and items go into. The open top means you can also have stuff drop into it without having to directly access it’s inventory. Fluids and such will NOT go into it, meaning that if you use water flows or an item dropper, you could feasibly automate say, a mob farm, animal farm, and so much more.

To go with the above, applying mechanical power to the cauldron will tip counterclock-wise to the axle.

Tipping it will dump out it’s contents into the block space it’s open side is facing. Utilizing this, one could make an automatic cooker with the Hibachi and some Pistons. How you, the player, can utilize this, is entirely left to you to experiment with.

In simpler terms: The cauldron tips to the left of whichever way the axle is powering from. Experiment with it to find a good automated setup for dumping out of the pot.