Copper Ingot

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Copper Ingots are soft and malleable, useful for some generic recipes, technical parts, and early-game weaponry. They can be formed from smelting Copper Ore or by combining copper nuggets.



Copper ingots can be created by smelting copper ore in a furnace or kiln. A visual of this occurring would be greatly appreciated.

Native Copper[edit]

In some desert regions, Native Copper Clusters spawn on top of the desert surface. These are medium-sized sandstone boulders with orange splotches all over them. When mined, they drop copper nuggets, which can be transformed into copper ingots at a rate of 9 to 1.



As a metal ingot, copper ingots can be used in several recipes where it asks for metal of any kind. Examples of this are the Kettle, Cooking Cauldron, the Mashing Tub, and the Fermentation Barrel.


Copper ingots have several uses in more Redstone-based pursuits. Examples would be appreciated.


While copper ingots cannot be used to make armor as of ROTN 3.0 Beta 6, there are a few weapons that can be fashioned from copper. Among them include the Copper Hammer and the Copper Spear, along with a few others.


Copper Ingots, despite already having been formed, can still be used in the making of bronze. Smashing 1 copper ingot twice upon a Multi-Purpose Anvil using any kind of Sledgehammer will produce 1 Copper Dust. See Bronze Ingot for bronze-making.