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Coyotes are canines that have 10 HP and deal 6 damage on hit. They tend to spawn in groups in any warm-to-temperate areas without a lot of trees, such as Plains, Deserts, Shrublands, etc. On death, they only drop experience and rarely a trophy head for mounting on a wall.


How a coyote interacts with the player is entirely dependent on the time of day. In the daytime, they are passive and can be killed without concern, but at night they become hostile, quickly running towards targets and inflicting damage, which becomes especially deadly when considering the fact that they're usually in groups. As a result, it is best practice to scope out and kill any coyotes in the daytime, lest they be prowling your quarters after dusk.


- It is uncertain whether the behavior modifier of coyotes is light-dependent (like Vanilla spiders) or time-dependent. In addition, they strangely do not fight back in the daytime, even when attacked.