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Skydrakes are ravenous flying hostile mobs found in mountains (also volcanos!) and hilly terrains known for attacking animals.


Skydrakes are dragon-like creatures twice the size of the player with one pair of wide wings granting them the ability to fly. Their long serpent bodies are covered in green scales whereas the stripe on their backs, underwings, fins and bellies are noticeably lighter.


Skydrakes can be found in Mountains and Hilly Terrains


Skydrake Fang


Skydrakes will fly around killing nearby animals. After detecting a target (be it an animal or a player)  they will begin to follow them and start circling above their head. Not long after that they will either spit a cube of acid at their prey giving them Poison II effect or quickly fly low to the ground in their target's direction to bite them.


  • Skydrakes are extremely fast when charging at their target, but easy to avoid (for a player at least).
  • When preparing a spitting acid attack Skydrakes will stay in one place (preparing = visible green particles will appear).
  • It is advisable to fight them using a bow as they are flying enemies or to use a tree to hide under and wait until they get close enough to hit them.
  • When using a bow, make sure to shoot when they attack - otherwise, the Skydrake will dodge the projectile.
  • When a Skydrake is hit with an arrow, they will fall to the ground and lay prone for a short period of time - use this to get in some melee strikes!
  • If an animal in group is killed by a Skydrake it's horde will panic and start running away.
  • Skydrakes are Nagas from Mowzie's Mobs mod.