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Rebirth of the night uses [insert mod name] for enchanting. As of 2.77, players can only enchant at night time. WIP


Enchantment Description Rarity Items
Harming Weapons and tools sometimes hurt when used. Very Rare All
Clumsiness Weapons and tools sometimes miss when used. Very Rare Weapons
Haunting Weapons and tools sometimes spawn monsters nearby. Very Rare Weapons
Rusting Armor, weapons, and tools take more damage than normal. Very Rare All
Binding Prevents the enchanted item from being removed from an armor slot. Very Rare Wearables
Vanishing Destroys the enchanted item if you die with it in your inventory. Very Rare All
Curse Break Removes a curse from an item. Rare All

Weapon Enchantments[edit]

Enchantment Description Max Level Rarity
Berserking Deals additional damage based on how little armor the wielder wears I Uncommon
Ender Killer Deals extra damage to ender mobs. II Rare
Shulker Core Inflicts target with levitation. I Rare
Bane of Arthropods Increases damage against arthropods such as Spiders and Silverfish. V Uncommon
Knockback Increase the knock back strength of the weapon. II Uncommon
Looting Mobs will drop more loot when killed. III Rare
Sharpness Increases the damage of the item. V Common
Smite Increases damage against undead mobs such as Zombies and Skeletons. V Uncommon
Sweeping Edge Increases the damage of sweeping attacks. III Rare
Runed Turns a portion of physical damage into magical damage which bypasses mundane armor. III Uncommon
Fire Aspect Causes additional fire damage when used to attack a mob. II Rare

Inflicts target with Poison for 8 seconds. Each level increases the level of Poison, up to Poison III.

III Very Rare
Lunar Edge Stronger version of Sharpness whose strength is affected by the current moon phase.  During a full moon, it is stronger than Sharpness. During a new moon, it has no effect. Killing a mob with it will also yield double experience on a full moon. V Common
Swiftness Multiplies attack speed of held item. V Rare