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Rebirth of the Night includes many events, some of them are outlined below:


Invasions increase the mob spawn rates of specific types of mobs, which have higher aggro ranges and can destroy bases. During an invasion, sleeping will be near impossible due to the monsters attacking.

Invasions happen every 9 days, coinciding with seasonal changes.

Moon events[edit]

Moon events start happening on night 5, and there is a three day "cooldown" between same events.

Blood Moon[edit]

Blood Moons are similar to invasions, but increases mob spawn rates in general instead of having specific types of mobs. The sky and moon turn red, with the moon having a red creeper face on it.

Full Moon[edit]

During a Full Moon, enchantment effects such as Lunar Edge will be at its strongest. The first night of a world will always be a Full Moon.

Harvest Moon[edit]

Heavily reduces mob spawns (dependent on game progress, in late game doesn't do much) and increases crop growth. Sky and moon gain a purplish tint.

Star Shower[edit]

The rate of Fallen Stars occurring is drastically increased. Sky and moon gain a yellowish tint.