FPS improvement guide

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There are several methods of improving Rebirth of the Night's performance. Try everything from top to bottom before asking for further support which you can do on our Discord-Logo-Color.pngDiscord.

General Performance Improvements[edit]

  1. Use the following link to the latest 64-Bit version of Java here. Select Windows Offline (64-bit). https://java.com/en/download/manual.jsp
  2. Install Optifine from their official site. Simply drop the jar into the mods folder. You will be able to turn on/off animations as needed to improve performance by going to Options, Video Settings, Animations while in game. DO NOT TOUCH PERFORMANCE SETTINGS. This is already set for you to provide the maximum performance.
  3. Some users with AMD video cards will need to install Optifine and disable terrain animations. This is if you notice low fps.
  4. Adjust BetterFPS settings. With the game not running, go to the betterfps.jar in the mods folder and double click it to run a profiler. Run the Test Algorithms several times to find the best option. The lower number is the better algorithm. WARNING: TAYLOR'S ALGORITHM WILL NOT WORK ON THIS PACK! DO NOT USE TAYLOR'S ALGORITHM.
  5. Try changing your JVM arguments (and your server's startup marguments) to those outlined here: https://aikar.co/2018/07/02/tuning-the-jvm-g1gc-garbage-collector-flags-for-minecraft/
  6. Limit FPS to 60 if your CPU is running high. (Options > Video Settings > Max Framerate)
  7. Check if Integrated Graphics is being used. Press F3 and look to the right side of the screen. If after Display: it shows something you do not recognize as your graphics card, it is likely using integrated graphics. If so:

Increasing RAM on Twitch[edit]

  1. Navigate to your Twitch settings by clicking on your profile name, Settings, then select Minecraft.
  2. Set Ram to 4GB MIN, 6GB IS IDEAL. You can not set all of the RAM your PC has or it will crash. Do not set more than needed.

Increasing RAM on MultiMC[edit]

  1. Go to Settings, Java and set Maximum Memory Allocation to 4000 MINIMUM. Ideally set this to 6000. You can not set all of the RAM your PC has or it will crash. Do not set more than needed.