Gluttonous Stalker

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Gluttonous Stalker[edit]

These gigantic arachnids are heartier beasts than the brownish regulars. With a monstrous face and a fast crawling speed, they can intimidate beginners. However, they're just as easy to kill as normal spiders. Like normal spiders, they can climb walls, and thanks to ROTN (Rebirth of the Night) mechanics, they can spit webbing at you and inflict you with slowness. However, there are some key differences - to start, Gluttonous Stalkers are slightly beefier, with more HP and natural regeneration (at around 1 HP / sec). In addition, their attacks steal a piece of food off of you and heal them in return. As a result, try to kill these foes faster than they can snack off of you, using weapons that can pierce their hides or keep a distance. Finally, the death of these creature may procure comestibles, as well as bones and regular spider droppings.