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Also known as scavengers, Goblins are subterranean hostiles that can deal damage that can tear apart your armor. They work mostly like the ROTN zombies, but they have faster movement speed that can make them dangerous in groups. These foes come from Primitive Mobs.


Goblins exclusively spawn away from where the sun touches the soil, often in caves and tunnels. This means that even at night, they don't spawn on the surface. They spawn at all subterranean levels, but can come out of their hiding holes if they smell a player nearby. In spite of not spawning where light is, they don't burn. Like other hostile mobs, they spawn at light levels below 7.


At this time stats are unclear, though it appears they have 20 HP. It would be awesome if someone could confirm this and grab the rest of the stats for others to see!


Before ROTN 3.0 Beta 6, they used to spawn with only Goblin Maces in one of their hands, but now it seems if they carry other weapons around, including a very short, green knife (which has yet to be identified). The Goblin Mace is unique in that one hit from it drains 10% of the durability from a piece of armor, rendering the foes that wield them dangerous for even the well-off player! Besides dropping the mace (when equipped) on occasion, Goblins can also drop emeralds.


- They're significantly shorter than the player, but can't crawl through through one-block high areas. Conversely, in spite of their wider appearance, they can go through one-block wide corridors. - Despite being hostile to villagers, they share some visual characteristics: the nose, eyes, and head are all of similar shape. Perhaps Goblins are Villagers that spent too long underground? - The (unique) weapons they carry do not seem to be craft-able; to be fair, they also aren't of much use to the player due to their relatively poor stats, even early game.