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Guards are human soldiers that appear along with villages that have not been abandoned. They protect villages from hostile mobs along with golems and interact with players differently depending on their reputation.


Guards spawn once along non-abandoned villages. Guards do not respawn; however, new guards can be recruited using recruitment papers on a villager or bandit.


When approached by a player or interacted with directly, guards will momentarily change their names to reflect commentaries on the player. These can range from threats at lower reputation levels to praise at higher reputation levels. Upon any violation of the law, witnessing guards will attack the player immediately. After any of the witnessing guards has hitted the player once, they should stop pursuing them as long as the player's reputation is not below a certain threshold.

Attack & Defense[edit]

Unlike simpler mobs like most undead and goblins, guards are more wary when fighting, using a mix of blocking with their shield and attacking with a variety of weapons like swords and halberds. They can slowly climb vertical surfaces, and when far from their target, they will switch to using bow and arrows. Their tactics, mobility and high damage makes guards a very difficult mob for players in the early game to directly fight against. Moreover, there are few benefits to getting rid of guards other than for the purpose of entirely pillage what loot might be in a village, since they are the only force protecting property (golems only attack players when directly harmed).


- Along with bandits and village lords, guards are currently the only living humans that can be encountered in the game.