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The Hawberry is a blue berry mostly used for increasing horse stats.



Hawberries can be obtained by destroying or plucking Hawberry Bushes, which spawn in forest biomes, the Chapparal biomes, and other temperate biomes.


When plucking a Hawberry bush, the player will be subjected to a few seconds of fast-acting poison, which will end up resulting in around -4 HP. This mechanic discourages mass collection of said berries. However, destroying the bush all together will provide the berry without the pain effect, but it does remove the bush from the game. Since these bushes are not renewable, it is up to the player how to manage Hawberry collection.



Hawberries are seldom used in human foods - at best, they can be used in recipes that require any type of berry or fruit, but due to the consequences of plucking Hawberries, this is a poor choice to put them towards.

Horse Dishes[edit]

Hawberries are very useful when it comes to improving the qualities of your steed. Hawberries can be combined with other ingredients in a Cooking Cauldron to create dishes that change a horse's stats when fed to. Examples are:
- Hawberries + Slime Balls = Jump Boost Dish
- Hawberries + Sugars = Speed Dish
- Hawberries + Camoflauge Dyes = Change Color Dish


- The jump boost dish will provide a greater increase in jump height than the speed dish will provide in terms of max speed. Therefore, if one is looking to create a supreme horse, focusing on finding or breeding fast but short-hop horses is better than finding/breeding slow but high-jump horses.
- The color dish will give your horse a completely random color that exists for horses. This means that while horse won't change into hot pink, for example, it may change into any skin tone a horse can spawn naturally with, including the one it already was.


- Prior to 3.1, Hawberries were reddish-pinkish. In even earlier versions, haw berries did not hurt the player for simply picking them.
- Hawberry bushes tend to spawn in the same areas Carminberry bushes spawn, which can result in intermixed clumps of both types of bushes.