Heart Crystal Ore

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Far below the surface are the beating hearts of the core. When mined they grant one crystal heart shard, useful to create a Heart Container that will permanently increase the health of the player in exchange for some xp.

Research Notes[edit]

An old poem reads as follows:

<poem> The earth it's alive it always was beating to the rhythm of the universe are it's veins Our souls, they reside inside. Not ours nor theirs, for what is theirs is also ours.

and light carries us on to the end where it flows and conveys and they carry the form the form of everything that is everything that was even now with you, everything that will.

With no avail, this sorrow which they feel, all connected forever and a day. Leave now, for what is beyond is not ours to find yet you crave it now with devices unspoken to those, Oh those who the plague brought. </poem>