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The Hibachi Oven gives you access to more advanced versions of machines.

By filtering Netherrack Dust in a POWERED Filtered Hopper (with Soul Sand), you will get Hellfire Dust. 8 Hellfire Dust can be smelted in a Cauldron, which will give you 1 Concentrated Hellfire. You need at least 3 of these in order to build one Hibachi Oven (we recommend making 9+ ovens). You also need a Heating Element, which can be made with String, Redstone and Blaze Powder in a Cauldron.

The Hibachi oven can be turned on by giving it a redstone signal. When the redstone signal is turned off, it will also turn off.

These ovens can be stoked with Bellows, increasing the heat of the fire, and give you a “Stoked” fire that has a blue flame.

There is a huge difference between stoked and normal fire. Stoked fires will not work the same as normal fire.[1]