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A kiln is a special kind of furnace used for certain baking and smelting recipes. Unlike a normal furnace, a kiln takes a considerably larger amount of time to output items, but with the difference of being capable of processing batches of multiple items at a time. There are three tiers of kiln, and each one is faster and more fuel-efficient than the previous one.

Pit Kiln[edit]

Dig, place kiln, place ingredient.

The Pit Kiln is mainly used to glaze bricks. The amount of heat and the efficiency of it are not enough to work with alloys as a brick kiln can; however, it can effectively be used to glaze all kinds of earthenware and stoneware like urns, pots, vases, and crucibles. To build and operate a Pit Kiln you will need a Pit Kiln, a block of Hay Bale, and three Logs. First, dig a pit (1x1 hole) in the ground, place your Pit Kiln at the bottom and your ingredient on the top. A Pit Kiln must be covered at all times on the bottom and all four sides by solid, non-flammable material; the top is left exposed.

Place a hay bale, add three logs, and ignite.

Next, add a Hay Bale, three Logs on top, and use a fire-starting device to ignite. Unlike a Pit Burn, a Pit Kiln is left uncovered on top while it burns.

TIP: Keep in mind that the "Hay Bale" (3x3 crafting of Dried Fibers) has a different recipe from the "Straw Bale" (3x3 crafting of Wheat).

Clay Brick Kiln[edit]

Power the kiln by placing Fuel items in the lower half, and then igniting it with a fire-starting device. When you are ready, place your materials to be cooked/smelted into the upper half and wait, as it will take quite a while.

The Clay Brick Kiln has access to all the recipes of the Pit Kiln but is primarily known for being useful to make the most basic alloy, Bronze.

Refractory Kiln[edit]

The Refractory Kiln operates exactly the same as the Clay Brick Kiln, but it operates much faster and more efficiently.


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