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A fully fledged smith workshop

This is an in-depth guide on how to obtain, craft and use different elements and alloys in Rebirth of the night which requires more than a simple furnace to be manufactured. It's completely possible to start working with advanced metal quite early on (before the first progression stage) with the only three requirements being a kilnstone anvil and hammer. Depending on where you go about with fuel sources, you might use a drying rack to get plant fibers for flint and tinder.

Video Tutorials[edit]


Bronze is the natural next step from iron. It's harder to produce, but it compensates by being stronger and more durable, as well as being easier to obtain in terms of raw materials.

The Bronze alloy is put together by crafting three copper bars and one tin bar into a bundle of ingots that the player can bash at a multipurpose stone anvil using a hammer. With the pebbles, they can be placed inside a kiln at the top portion. Coal or some other kindling is placed at the bottom and can be lit with a flint and tinder. After almost two minutes, the bronze ingots should've been made.


Steel Ingot
Steel ingot.png

"An ingot made of Iron and Carbon alloy

Type Ingot
Source Crucible

Steel is the key component to some of the most powerful items in Rebirth of the Night, but getting to the highest tiers is no easy feat.

Setting up a Steel Processing Facility[edit]

First you will need a crucible to turn regular iron into steel, the required components are (1) iron ingot and (3) coal/charcoal dust. Tossing the ingredients over a regular fire will suffice for some basic steel.

Soulforged Steel[edit]

To turn steel into the more powerful Soulforged Steel, you will need a Soul Urn as well as a regular steel ingot, ender biotite and soul flux. A sufficient level of heat is necessary for the iron in the alloy to absorb more carbon and imbue it with souls. You will need a Stoked Crucible to achieve the required heat. Includes the use of a Bellow powered Hibachi.

Dragon Steel[edit]

Different, almost unknown of, are the extremely rare and powerful Ice and Fire Dragon Steels. Those alloys are imbued with the Blood of a Dragon and forged by means of its breath. In order to create a Dragon Forge capable of withstanding the process you'll need a Dragon Forge Core, a Dragon Forge Input, 8 Dragon bone blocks and 17 Dragon Forge Bricks.

A stage 3+ dragon, when near a fully complete Dragonforge will automatically breathe fire/ice breath on it and begin the process to make Dragonsteel ingots. The dragon must be tamed.

The dragon, blood and forge must be the same. A fire dragonforge, fire dragon blood and a fire dragon will produce fire dragonsteel. An  ice dragonforge, ice dragon blood and an ice dragon will make ice dragonsteel. You cannot use a fire dragonforge, fire dragon blood and an ice dragon, or vice versa.