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Mythril is one of the late-game ores that can be found in The Beneath after excavating through the subsurface of the Overworld. Not as fast as Viridium or as resilient as Onyx, its magical qualities give this material very powerful set bonuses nevertheless.

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Mythril can be used to make highly durable armor and tools, as well as several arcane and magical crafting uses. In particular, it is used to make a Radiant Resonator, which will allow you to create Arcane Networks.

Mythril in The Beneath

Research Notes[edit]

"I'm sure that I don't need to tell you how valuable Mythril is right? You'll only find it in the deepest parts of the world or in the hands of the wealthiest. It's such a unique material, so sturdy yet so graceful. a regular anvil won't cut it for me to bring out its full potential. What do you want? a new sword, hmm? or would you rather have me forge you a piece of armor? Don't ask me about bows though, that is way more advanced than what I can do here"