Pale Lurker

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Pale Lurker[edit]

There are several arachnids in this land, but none are as nasty as the Pale Lurker. In the past, this beast was a mighty force to be reckoned with; while its former strength has faded, it still strikes a challenge for the beginning player.

The Pale Lurker shares some similarities with the common Spider: in addition to the arachnid appearance, they both have 16 HP and they leap to strike foes. Both can shoot webbing to trap prey, and both stack slowing debuffs when biting. However, Pale Lurkers also have a significant amount of armor, making them rather hard to kill with quick strikes. Now, when Pale Lurkers strike, not only is slowness inflicted, but Weakness II is applied as well!

Overall, this entity is a defensive unit that takes all measures to prevent its demise. To optimally kill this enemy, archery works well - when using melee tools, use something that hits slow and hard, while also giving you distance from the enemy. When you finally do vanquish this foe, you will only be rewarded with regular spider drops, as well as the chance to receive a fermented spider eye.

Illustration of a pale lurker
A pale lurker from the Rotn Beneath Trailer