Redstone Components

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There are many redstone components in RotN, vanilla and modded, and this is a WIP attempt to list them all with their functionality and use cases.

It is worth noting that not all of the redstone components are enabled in the default game, so you may see items in creative mode that are not accessible in survival.

1 "gt" is for "game tick", which are the smallest units of time in Minecraft, with 20gt in one second.

There are separate client and server ticks, which are normally synchronized.

If ticks take longer than 50ms (1000ms / 20) to calculate, the tick rate will decrease, which is a special kind of lag.

You can get the current tick rate (measured in "tps", "ticks per second"), including lag, by typing /forge tps.

To get a slow motion effect to be able to analyse your contraptions better, you can include the TickrateChanger mod (consult CurseForge page for documentation).




There are various dispense behaviors for different items:

  • Blocks will be placed
  • Projectiles will be shot out (with an exception to the BetterWithMods soul urn)
  • Armor will be equipped
  • TNT will be placed and ignited
  • Other items will be thrown out that can not be placed or shot
  • The Dispenser can be moved via pistons or slimeblocks attached to pistons

If a dispenser has been activated in the last 4gt, it will not reactivate. In practice that means you can only use them every 4gt, sometimes being the speed bottleneck of the contraption.

Use cases[edit]

The dispenser is a very versatile component used mainly for base defense and tunnel borers / bridge builders.

Redstone Inductor[edit]


This component has three input sides and one output side.

When the power from an input side changes, the inductor outputs the sum of the input side power levels after 1gt.

When it is powered directly by a repeater or a comparator on one of the input sides, it will lock after 1gt.

Use cases[edit]

The inductor is most commonly used as a faster repeater or as a simple way of getting a 1gt delay.