Refractory (Trait)

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"...refractory materials are those that can withstand a high temperature without deforming or melting. Refractories are used to build and furnish kilns."
Refractories in ROTN are a type of material used to withstand very high temperatures such as those in Refractory Burning and higher tier Crucibles and Kilns. For the sake of simplicity, a refractory material can represent a variety of different source materials that have refractory qualities to them in real life. Porcelain, on the other hand, is a specific kind of refractory material that sits above the rest, being especially resistant to chemicals and high temperatures.

Refractory Material[edit]

A muddy, limy ball containing a great concentration of calcium and magnesium. An excellent material to make a heat-resistant burning station.


Refractory material lumps can be obtained from grinding down various materials with common qualities such as (...) or directly by soaking ground limestone for long periods of time.


The main functionality of refractory material is to make bricks which are perfect for retaining heat or as a binding agent in similar situations, obtainable goods include refractory pipes, buckets, blocks and machines.

Simply cooking a block of refractory material will yield Refracotta a decorative block which doesn't provide enough insulation to keep heat within.


Top tier insulation, with considerable strength, hardness and toughness; after being fired, Rimed Porcelain, simply known as Porcelain can withstand extremely high temperatures without decomposing. While unfired, it can be manipulated similar to clay but with greater difficulty, specially molding it.