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Reindeer are a form of mountable mob that can be found in the northern wastes. They are a boon to the early player, as they allow quick travel outside of the initial ruins and bandits and onto the remaining villages of this shattered world.



Reindeer spawn in biomes where plenty of snow naturally occurs, regardless of the seasons. While they can spawn in snowy fir forests and arctic snowcaps, the best place to find them is in low-lying places that are simultaneously rocky and snowy. They will often spawn with a child or two already in tow. It should be noted that if one uses the reindeer to travel to distant lands, the children will be left behind.


Fortunately for the early player, it is unnecessary to tame an adult Reindeer. Better yet, they can be controlled without needing a saddle, making them immediately useful upon finding them!


As said earlier, they can be ridden immediately and have control similar to a tamed, saddled horse. They come with 30 HP (15 hearts) and have decently quick speed, but can only jump 2 (maybe 3?) blocks. When ridden into waters deeper than two blocks, the player will be ejected from the reindeer, making it unable to ford rivers with them (unless one has a lead) (would they follow with a certain grain in hand? Or perhaps the Farm Life Synergy?). In addition to not being able (or needing) to equip a saddle, they can neither wear horse armor nor use chests as saddlebags, making them only useful for early game mobility.


- Reindeer come in two colors: a white-beige coat, and a gray-beige coat. The children they spawn with usually share this characteristic.