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Rice is a grain crop used in both alcohol and comestibles alike. It grows in the spring, summer, and autumn months, and can grow year-round in either the tropics or greenhouses.


Breaking Grass[edit]

Similar to vanilla seeds, rice can be obtained in small quantities by destroying grass (the decoration, not the block). Additionally, tilling soil may also procure rice, along with hemp and wheat seeds. It is advised that these methods are rather ineffective in the long run, and that farming is advised.

Rice Paddies[edit]

Unlike most crops, rice needs a unique surface to grow, and that is in the form of a rice paddy. In order to make this block, you must first till soil near water in order to create a farmland block. Then you must right-click the farmland soil with one clump of dirt (not the block, but the piles used to make a block of dirt), and this will provide you with a singular rice paddy block upon which only rice may be planted. Like carrots and potatoes, there is no seed for rice - just plop the rice right onto the paddy and it'll grow.


Rice can be used to make alcohol, namely Sake. Sake is an alcohol that provides resistance (or jump boost, a confirmation would be nice), and can be modified just like the others to either increase intensity with glowstone, duration with redstone, or changed using particular yeasts.
While not edible on its own, rice is used in a wide variety of foods, in both the Chef's Workstation and the Kettle. Examples include several sushi rolls for the former, and for the latter there is pork & rice, several types of stirfry, stuffed peppers, and much more. In addition to this, rice can be ground into flour using a millstone in the same manner as wheat.


- Unlike most grains, rice cannot be used to feed grain-consuming livestock such as cows or sheep.
- Unlike almost every other crop, rice cannot be sold via the Shipping Bin.
- Rice does not spawn naturally in village fields, unlike almost any other crop.