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A rune is an item that can be used as a catalyst for different processes, recipes, and rituals involving magic. There are in total 31 runes (without counting color runes); a blank one and 30 specialized ones.

Rune list[edit]

The following is a list of types of weapons as well as known artifacts of ancient or modern power.

Type Description Notes
Blank Rune A mundane rune created from any rock and a speck of viz, it is the basis for all other runes.
Quintessential Runes Runes carved with symbols and embedded with quintessence that represent different domains of reality.
Rune of Sol Represents the sun.
Rune of Luna Represents the moon.
Rune of Air Represents the element of air.
Rune of Fire Represents the element of fire.
Rune of Earth Represents the element of earth.
Rune of Water Represents the element of water.
Compound Runes Runes that represent complex and more advanced concepts of reality.
Rune of Balance Represents coexistence.
Rune of Chaos Represents an ever-changing reality.
Rune of Creation Represents the entanglement of Ousia and Dunamis.
Rune of Death Represents the end of existence in a plane.
Rune of Energy Represents the spiritual and biological sources of power.
Rune of Illusion Represents the will to reshape reality.
Rune of Knowledge Represents the lust for knowledge.
Rune of Life Represents the spirit and vigor of beings.
Rune of Mind Represents logical thinking.
Rune of Nature Represents the spiritual and physical realm in perfect balance with one another. Used for crafting botanic glass
Rune of Order Represents the stability of existence.
Rune of Energy Represents the spiritual and biological sources of power.
Rune of Poison Represents the increased degradation of living matter.
Rune of Soul Represents the soul.
Rune of Strenght Represents physical toughness.
Rune of Transformation Represents physical and spiritual shape-shifting.
Rune of Disintegration Represents the Void's will.
Rune of Arcana Represents controlled magic.
Domain Runes Runes that represent specific concepts with an increased focus.
Rune of Holding Represents the will of not letting go.
Rune of Nether Represents the domain known as the Nether.
Rune of Plague Represents devastating artificial degradation of life.
Rune of Aether Represents the domain known as the Aether.
Rune of Draconia Represents dragons.
Rune of Fae Represents fae folk.
Rune of End Represents the border world.