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Scaffolding are blocks used for aiding with construction. There are 4 types of scaffolding that exist in Rebirth of the night


Decaying scaffolding[edit]

Decaying scaffolding is a special block that only certain more intelligent mobs can place and with which they will attempt to reach the player position, this block is unobtainable and will dissappear after a little while.

Wooden scaffolding[edit]

A very weak block made only of sticks, similar to decaying scaffolding and it will fall apart exactly after 10 seconds without dropping anything.


Scaffold is a structurally sound block crafted from scaffolding which bears resemblance to platforms. Scaffold blocks do not break, they can be vertically stacked up to 9 blocks by right-clicking with more scaffold (higher altitudes require horizontal support) and can be climbed like regular stairs. When the bottom-most scaffold block is broken, all scaffold on top will break along. Finally, rope cord can be attached to the sides of scaffold to connect them or to the top for use with a pulley.

Ender scaffolding[edit]

A variant of Wooden scaffolding that returns to the inventory after a few seconds. Drops Wooden scaffolding if broken by hand.