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Scarecrows are mobs that spawn in the plains.


Scarecrows are noticeably taller than the player. They have long arms connected to their body which is most likely a wheat bag and a Pumpkin head with one green glowing eye.

When hostile they hold a scythe.


Scarecrows can be found standing in the Plains.




Cursed Fabric




During the day[edit]

When found during the day Scarecrows are passive. They will stand with their arms wide open and won't attack even if hit by a player.

During the night / In the dark areas[edit]

Scarecrows no longer exposed to the daylight turn hostile. When nearby a player they'll swing their scythe delivering a deadly blow. It can be avoided by keeping a distance from them as they are slower with their weapon equipped.


It's not possible to tame a wild Scarecrow.  However, a player can summon a Scarecrow follower by placing Jack o'Lantern on top of 2 hay bales and right-clicking in the middle with an Undying Heart.  Summoned mob is not hostile towards the player and is following them like a tamed wolf (even when exposed to daylight).


  • Scarecrows can't be neutralized nor pacified using torchlight.
  • Suprisingly, when a block Scarecrow is standing on is destroyed it'll turn hostile for a couple of seconds.
  • Scarecrows are not attacked by Grunts or Guards.
  • This is one of the Scarecrows' variants from Fish's Undead Rising mod.