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The Shield is a biome type from Biome's O' Plenty that is currently in ROTN. It is a low-lying region with conifers, lakes, and temperate wildlife.


The Shield biome is a low-lying biome that not does grow much above sea-level, instead consisting of many low-lying islands and peninsulas. The terrain is marked with blue ponds and rivers, and can be connected directly to temperate ocean biomes. The grass is a dark green with a slight tint of brownish in it, and is intermixed between grass and exposed stone of varying types.



The trees that spawn here are mainly Spruce, a common conifer of the world, and Pine, a unique conifer in the world. Pine bark is pale, while the wood is a grayer ( but similar) alternative of generic jungle wood. While Spruce trees can spread their needles, Pine trees grow tall, straight, and narrow. It is presumed that the best season to cut down both of these trees is in the fall (needs confirmation).


A wide variety of animals spawn here, from the fliers to the swimmers and the land rovers in between. To start are deer, skittish, passive mobs that run at first sight. These can be hunted for Raw Venison, a hearty choice of meat. More dangerous here are the bears that spawn in abundance, fearsome creatures that should be hunted from afar. They also drop Raw Venison, not to mention bear fur and sometimes a trophy head.
Besides the land mammals there are dangers in the waters as well: despite the temperate, cooler climate, Piranhas can spawn here, as well as their rarer Frenzy variant. These small fish with a big bite may drop themselves as reward for slaying, making for a small but tasty snack for frying up.
Lastly there are the birds here to consider: while one might hear chirping, that is but a sound effect from the game. No, be sure to look out for Lammergeier, a rare mountain bird that is the equivalent of a sky wolf when tamed with bones. Once tamed, they target enemies just how a dog does in Vanilla Minecraft, only these birds will instead pick them up and drop them from great heights. They are a great way to finish off enemies, but are fragile themselves and have less health than you or a dog.

Hot Springs[edit]

The Shield biomes is also one of the few biomes that can spawn natural hot springs in its borders. These springs are lakes made of rock as its shell and full of "Hot Spring Water", a liquid that can safely be swam into or picked up with a Flimsy Bucket. When entered, the water gives the Cure effect, which (presumably) cures all negative effects (except for Plagued).


- While this region is the home territory of deer and bears, they don't seem to be able to swim well. While they can certainly navigate land to avoid crossing water, using rivers to either create or close distance is a surefire method to getting an early supply of Raw Venison.
- Animals that spawn here initially will not respawn here naturally.