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Snow in ROTN is similar to its vanilla counterpart, but has some slight differences. In addition, this page serves to discuss snowfall and snowballs, due to their mechanics and uses respectively.

Snow Piles[edit]

   Snow Piles are formed either upon generation in certain biomes, or placed in due to the snowing weather effect. These snow piles occur akin to those in Vanilla Minecraft save for a few differences. To start, in ROTN, snow piles continue to grow as the snowing weather continues. While not severe, this can lead to snow-ins when in front of doors such that mobs cannot enter until the snow pile is removed. While snow can be melted away by torches like ice, it can also be destroyed by hand or by shovel, and for ROTN, either method provides snow balls, though the shovel is obviously faster.

Snow Fall[edit]

   Snow fall in ROTN is dependent on not just the biome, but the season. This is because ROTN runs on a seasonal clock, where summer sees the melt of snow in almost every region, while winter sees the world covered in snow (except biomes like Oasis and Desert, for example). Temperate regions that are neither constantly snowed in nor forever sunny have differing times to which they receive snowfall. A small list demarcating which biomes snow in sooner and melt later is shown below:

Glacial (Always Snowy)[edit]

  • Frozen Plains
  • Alpines
  • Frozen River
  • Ice Hills
  • Winter Coniferous Forest
  • Cold Beach

Cold (Snowier than Most)[edit]

  • Taiga
  • Coniferous Forest
  • Tundra
  • Mountains
  • Extreme Hills

Temperate (Usual Snow Patterns)[edit]

  • River
  • Prairie
  • Woodlands
  • Grove
  • Autumnal Forest
  • Steppes

Subtropical (Less Snow)[edit]

  • Savanna
  • Plains
  • Redwood Forest

Tropical (Never Snows)[edit]

  • Desert
  • Oasis
  • Exothermic Desert
  • Outback

Snow Ball[edit]

   Snow Balls, like in vanilla, are obtained by destroying snow piles. In ROTN, they serve more uses than in vanilla, mainly in cooking and water production. When it comes to cooking, snow balls are most notably used in smoothies, which take less water and are more fulfilling than juice (per fruit used). Otherwise, they are used for snowball fights and fending off fiery beasts.