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Unlike vanilla Minecraft, this mod-pack makes use of a variety of differing types of stone to populate the world. From red granite to green schist, komatite to marble, the stones of this world come in plenty of colors and hardnesses.


One can break stone blocks effectively with using a pickaxe. If using a pickaxe that has a mining level lower than Sturdy, the stone will break into 4 small rocks akin to the pebbles found on the surface; otherwise, using a pickaxe that's Sturdy or higher (e.g. Refined) will drop the cobblestone variant. For reference, iron and bronze pickaxes count as Sturdy.


Not all stones are created equal - some are formed differently than others, and as such will have differing mining speeds and blast resistances. Every stone type will have a tooltip on it's variety, as well as how hard it is to mine it. It should be noted that the differences in mining speeds are minute when it comes to the cobblestone and stone forms, but the mining speed matters much more when these stones are formed into bricks.
Disclaimer: the typing of these stones is for ROTN 3.0 Beta 6: in earlier builds, the differences between stones are more stratified, each mining speed unique to the stone itself.


These stone types are common on the surface of the Overworld, and due to their forming process they are easier to break than most stones. A full list of sedimentary stones would be appreciated.


Stones of this variety can be found on the surface or deep underground, as the metamorphic process can take place at any soil level. Stones like these have taken time and pressure to form into what they are today; as such, they are harder to break than the sedimentary variety, but aren't complete slogs when it comes to mining them. Examples are Marble, though a full list would be appreciated.


Formed in magma, these hardy stones are the hardest to break. While they are uncommonly found naturally on the surface, one can dig deep to find themselves with pockets full of the stuff, as it forms close to areas where lava spouts. Examples are Coade, though a full list would be appreciated.


- Places that spawn with vanilla cobble or stone instead spawn with Coade Stone variants.