Stymphalian Bird

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Stymphalian birds have the general appearance of a bird of prey, with massive, feathery wings, powerful legs with 4 prehensile, talon-tipped toes on each foot, a small body, a small head with a crown of short feathers as well as a large, curved beak, and a large feathery tail fan. However, unlike any bird of prey, their beak is made of a metallic substance; as well as this, their feathers are made out of bronze, and can be launched from their wings. Due to their bronze feathers, their body is a light brown in color, in contrast to their grey beak and legs.


Stymphalian birds are supposed to be found flying around in Swamp biomes, in groups of 3-20, but, due to a bug, they sometimes spawn in other biomes, even in those that aren't even near swamps


Upon death, Stymphalian birds drop:

If the OreDictionary contains entries for new ores, then they will drop:

  • 0-3 bronze ingots (depending on mods installed; bronze is favored).
  • 0-3 bronze nuggets (depending on mods installed; bronze is favored).


Stymphalian birds spawn in groups of 3-20, and are naturally hostile to players, villagers, and animals; they are able to spot targets from 64 blocks away. When attacking, Stymphalian birds will fly down from the sky and towards their target before firing a volley of metallic feathers that do 0.5 hearts (1 HP) of damage with each hit; if their target manages to get past the barrage of feathers and comes in close proximity to them, the birds will land on the ground and start biting them with their beaks, with each bite dealing 2 hearts (4 HP) of damage. Once a player kills one Stymphalian bird, the rest will flee from their usurper, often times taking flight to achieve this purpose.


It is suggested that one should wear Troll Leather Armor or any other armor enchanted with Projectile Protection before taking on a flock of Stymphalian birds, as the armor will mitigate the damage done by Stymphalian birds' feathers; a shield completely negates the damage done by the feathers, but it cannot fend off attacks from behind. As well as this, since the birds often fly high above their targets, a bow with many arrows is necessary, as the player will be able to snipe them down should they be completely out of melee range.