Tin Ingot

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Tin ingots are metal ingots obtained by smelting Tin Ore in either a furnace, kiln, or smelter. Tin Ingots can be used as a replacement for iron in some recipes. Tin is also used in the formulation of bronze.



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Method using tin nuggets
Method using tin blocks


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Tin is used in a variety of ways, mostly technical or mechanical. It is also classified as a generic metal, so it can be used in making kettles, fermentation barrels, etc.


Tin is an integral component for making bronze. To make Tin ingots malleable for forming into bronze, they must be smashed on a multi-purpose anvil with any kind of sledgehammer. Doing this with one ingot will result in one Tin Dust, which can be mixed with 3 copper dust in any crafting UI to provide 4 bronze dust. Bronze dust must then be smelt in a kiln of either the brick or refractory variety.


- While tin is not commonly used in making weapons or armor, it is possible to create a Tin Parrying Dagger. As of 3.0 Beta 6, it has 2.88 Damage & 2.5 Attack Speed, and can block melee attacks when in the off hand.