Tin Ore

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Tin ore is a greyish chunk of soft metal. When smelted, it produces tin ingots, which can be used as a generic metal and in some technical pursuits.


Tin ore drops itself when mined by a stone pickaxe or higher; otherwise, it drops nothing.



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Smelting ingredient[edit]

Smelting tin ore makes Tin Ingots, which can replace iron in various early game recipes like buckets.


Tin is an integral ingredient in making bronze. To make it mixable with copper, it mush first be smashed using any sledgehammer on a multi-purpose anvil (which is crafted from one stone slab and one stone). Doing so provides 1 tin dust per ore; mixing 1 tin dust with 3 copper dust creates 4 bronze dust, which can then be smelted in a kiln to create bronze ingots.