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The Toadstool is an common orange-brown mushroom that can be found in a variety of forests and wetlands. It can be ground by hand or in a Millstone in order to make Shroom Powder, a nausea-inducing snack.


Toadstools are commonly found in many differing biomes. Examples include Fir Forest, Woodlands, Forests, Birch Forests, Bogs, Fens, and Wetlands. At this time it is unknown if they are farmable in dark places like the vanilla brown & red mushrooms.


By itself it is only a decorative block that can be set down in dark places, but when either crafted with or ground in a Millstone, it will produce Shroom Powder, which can be either consumed for 1 hunger point and nausea, or used in crafting disintegration essence.


  • Toadstools are the only type of mushroom that can be ground into a comestible. Other mushrooms that can be ground usually produce dyes instead.