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Fourth developer for Rebirth of the Night. Joined the official Discord on the 27th of November 2019 in order to learn how to install the modpack after I learnt of its existence. I joined the dev team approximately one week later after giving extensive feedback on progression, immersion and gameplay; however, what really got me into the team was what has become one of my biggest contributions: Our custom resource pack Better Rebirth.

It was at this moment, that Mari knew she had hired'em up

I had tried getting into pixelart several times over the years, but never committing to it, that changed once I started pumping out textures for RotN. Once I finished my first few items I delved into lang files and gradually discovered the huge potential of resourcepacks. Time went on and I got into zenscript, which is how we do scripts for Craft Tweaker, I started fiddling with mod configs, adding mods, working with Github, learning general stuff and, eventually, I ended where I'm now. I've met a lot of people, some of which I already consider friends, built connections, learn about the world of modding and its sometimes volatile but always interesting community.