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Walruses are neutral mobs that spawn in cold marine biomes.


Walruses are brown in color, with a darker brown underside, black eyes, reddish-brown whiskers, and pale yellow tusks.


Blubber (1-3) Leather (1-2)


When first spawned in the world, walruses will slowly crawl towards the nearest source of water and enter it, at which point they will start swimming around in a similar manner to turtles; every so often, they will return to the position at which they spawned. Unlike most other aquatic mobs, they cannot stay underwater without resurfacing for air every so often, and will drown if they are in water for 4 minutes. They will not attack unless provoked, and will simply keep aimlessly swimming around when undisturbed; however, if provoked by a player or another mob, they will start swimming towards them and dealing 2 hearts (4 HP) of damage on contact, and will even climb back onto land when pursuing foes.