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Each Wand and Their Use As of 3.1[edit]

  • Wand of Punishment: Not Working
  • Wand of Freezing: Slows Down Mobs (?)
  • Wand of Satiating: Fills your Saturation + Hunger
  • Wand of Cooking: Cooks food items in your inventory
  • Wand of Disorienting: Gives a Mob the "Disorienting" Effect
  • Wand of Restoration: Heals you
  • Wand of Withering: Gives a Mob the "Wither" Effect
  • Wand of Companion: Spawns a (Temporary) Bone Wolf Companion
  • Wand of Pin Missile: Shoots out several arrows in a 70-90 degree angle in front of you
  • Wand of Smiting: Calls a Lightning Strike to all Mobs in the immediate area
  • Wand of Enrage: Grants Resistance II and Strength I for 10 Seconds
  • Wand of Magic Missile: Not Working
  • Wand of Transportation: Spawns a Skeleton Horse that you can ride, however it will attempt to kill you unless in Peaceful mode (Witherbone Armor does not stop it)
  • Wand of Evocation: Spawns those Evoker Snapping Things in a straight line