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Weapons are items used to damage entities. These items may be used by the player or other mobs. Weapons are crucial for survival as there are many hostile mobs out there to hunt you. Weapons also help in gathering resources.

Weapon list[edit]

The following is a list of types of weapons as well as known artifacts of ancient or modern power.

Type Description Notes
Bladed Weapons The blade is most effective against exposed skin or hide. The go to option for a well balanced warrior.
Broadsword The common broadsword is easier to craft than more elaborate or intricate blades. However, it is as effective as it has always been.
Dagger Not made for full-on war, this is the tool of the wary, silent and extremely fast.
Longsword As its name implies, the longsword has further reach at the expense of less balance, therefore, the use of two hands is needed for proper use.
Greatsword The might of the greatsword is enough to slice through any enemies that dares gets in its way. In exchange for power, it is slow and unwieldy.
Katana A katana is a one-edged sword that, when used with ability in both hands, can cut through the biggest of foes.
Saber A saber is a lightweight one-edged sword made specifically to be an effective cutter of flesh.
Rapier The rapier strength lies at the tip of its blade, piercing through enemy armor
Blunt Weapons Blunt weapons generally deal enormous damage in single hits or depend on the dexterity of the user, but they always focus on inflicting damage where a blade can't cut.
Club The club is an ancient weapon with effectiveness that still carries on today. One good whack and your enemies will be inflicted with nausea.
Quarterstaff The quarterstaff is easy to craft and cheaper than most, therefore, is a bit weaker.
Hammer When paired with the proper strength, the hammer is a powerful weapon that can obliterate foes left and right.
Warhammer The brute strength of the warhammer is able to pierce through even the toughest of armor.
Caestus The caestus is for those who reject weapons. Pummel your foes with a barrage of strikes!
Polearm Weapons The way of the polearm is the way of the smart; if your opponents can't reach you, then they cannot harm you. When in doubt, stick them with the pointy end.
Spear The spear is a prime example of what makes polearms effective, its long range can keep enemies at bay whilst keeping the user safe.
Halberd Although halberds are slow and require the usage of two hands, its brute force and the ability pierce through shields make it an effective weapon for those that dare stand in its way.
Pike The pike is perhaps the greatest of the polearm weapons, its length is unrivaled, thus its ability to protect is also the greatest.
Lance When paired with a mount, the lance can do amazing amounts of damage. A great weapon to have on the move.
Glaive The glaive's sweeping edge can slice through multiple foes at once rather than having to focus on just one.