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Wolves can spawn already tamed in villages, or untamed in forest biomes, particularly taigas. These should not be confused with dire wolves, which are larger, hostile variants.


Wolves can spawn already-tamed and sitting down in villages. These dogs cannot be forced to follow the player, nor can the player hurt them directly, but they can be killed by outside influences (e.g. a falling tree) for their drops. Rarely, a regular wolf will spawn untamed in the village upon loading, but city guards will often dispatch it quickly.
Wild wolves can be found in forested regions, especially taiga biomes. These act similar to vanilla Minecraft wolves and can be tamed regularly and more, discussed further along this page.


Wild wolves in ROTN have similar stats and behaviors to vanilla Minecraft wolves; however, they can take a wide variety of colors, unlike in vanilla Minecraft. When killed, they drop experience and 0-2 Dire Wolf Leather.


Wolves can be tamed akin to vanilla Minecraft by giving them bones until hearts appear. At this point, they obtain a collar, additional HP, and can be commanded in regular fashion.


If given a training treat, the generic tamed wolf will transform and enter the leveling system of Talents. Additional info can be found at the previous link, but simply put, you will be able to level up your dog to have unique talents, from fireproofing and holding items to poisoning enemies and reviving the player. The price of this is replacing direct food-to-HP with a hunger system, one that requires you to put in points to allow the dog to eat things it used to be able to (e.g. rotten flesh). Your dog will be rendered ineffective if it is hungry, so it will now require constant feeding to perform at its best.


- In a weird twist, regular wolves drop Dire Wolf Leather, but dire wolves don't. May be a bug.
- When wolves are tamed or begin training (don't remember which phase causes this, a confirmation would be nice), the dog is reverted to the vanilla Minecraft white color.